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Source: Wikimedia Photo of Sedona. A vortex is any place, person, or thing that is acting as an energy draw towards its center.

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According to Vortex Huntersthe largest website cataloging and recording vortices around the world, a vortex is also defined as any concentrated area of energy that promotes wellbeing. Natural vortices can be found all over the world, and they tend to draw people, animals, and idea-makers from all walks of life into them and their surroundings. In my area, the two most popular vortices are in Gettysburg and Ringing Rocksboth locations with lots of exposed geology.

Outside of these hotspots, there are approximately 60 known vortices in and around the United States. Vortices can be human-made, such as city-hubs or earth made. The two typically go hand-in-hand, and they're generally thought to be created from a rapid ion exchange due to natural phenomena.

Vortices are usually found in natural locations, formed from naturally occurring phenomena. Some vortices have been amplified from human-made experiences, such as the vortices of Gettysburg, PA.

Around areas with exposed geology, exposed or rapid water flows. Vast forests, and any place where you have a quick exchange of electrical activity. Electrical Vortices - these carry yang energy or masculine energy and can be energizing. Magnetic Vortices - these carry yin energy or feminine energy and can be relaxing. Balancing Vortices - these carry a mix of both and can be harmonizing to the energy field.

In addition to these, I believe there are also paranormal vorticeswhich are commonly known as portals. Each vortex is then further connected to other vortices through a series of leylines. Leylines are a series of constellation-like lines that connect major "stars" to the other stars on the globe in patterned, organized shapes.

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To learn more about how leylines are believed to connect the grid of vortices on the planet, I suggest watching the video, Earth's Energy Grid: Connecting the Pointswhich I think explains the leyline concept pretty well. Through this energetic connection, when an event happens at the center of one vortex, it can be communicated energetically to the rest of the earth through the network of leylines.

Not all vortices are created equally, as different energy centers draw in various types of energy, and each of these vortices attracts and emanates a different type of energy. For this reason, some energy workers spend their time healing, charging, and clearing different vortices.

Think of going to an energy vortex like visiting a clearing energy bath. Going to individual known earth chakra vortices will help with your work in healing that particular chakra on your own body.

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When you are selecting which vortex to visit next, remember that there are both marked and unmarked vortices in every state. Do some research on which vortex you select to visit, as not every energy center is an excellent match for every person's constitution. And because vortices are spinning whirlwinds of energy, this can mean that the energy, the people, and the circumstances at vortices can be a little unbalanced at times.

So be aware when you visit an energy center that it can bring out different energy centers in those around you and even those you travel with. I think it's fun to go vortex finding with friends for this reason. Different energies bring out something new in everyone; you learn more about those you travel the globe with when you have spiritual experiences with them. Vortices are energy hotspots, and others can enjoy the experience too when they are well-recorded.

So if you find an unlisted vortex and want to submit a vortex site claim, you can do so at VortexHunters. Vortex Hunters can't post vortices on private properties or commercial businesses due to privacy.

energy vortex map

They also need as much evidence as they can get to back up the claim to verify it. You can also write your own claim. If you believe you have a vortex around you, share the information. Much about the world of energy vortices is still mostly unknownand the field of research could use as much evidence as it can get. So when visiting a vortex, don't forget to document your experience.Some places have a certain energy: You feel it the moment you arrive—or, in some cases, the moment you even begin to think about visiting.

And while some of those places—like Machu Picchu, Easter Islandor the temples of Tibet —are known worldwide as destinations where spiritual seekers, vortex hunters, and healers gather, there are places even closer to home that hold a similar cosmic draw. Located where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet, the surreal landscape is punctuated with gnarled Yucca trees, formidable rock formations, and pastel-shaded sunsets—and sure to lull anyone into a meditative state.

This dormant volcano in northern California is believed to be one of the strongest energy vortexes in North America, and tales of its unexplained mysteries abound—one legend even claims that a hidden city filled with advanced beings from a lost continent hides beneath its peaks. Where to Stay: McCloud Hotel. For strong cosmic vibes, head to the state of Utah, which is now home to eight of the best places to stargaze in the United States. This year, Cedar Breaks National Monument —a stunning park with 10,foot-high vistas—was granted International Dark Sky Park status, a designation reserved only for places with the darkest night skies.

Where to Stay: Point Supreme Campground. When it comes to historic, haunting American cities, New Orleans and Savannah, Georgia, have well-cemented reputations. Augustine, which was founded in Where to Stay: The Collector Inn. Dramatic views, crashing waves, active volcanoes: The forces of nature are on dynamic display on the Big Island. The tranquil desert town surrounded by otherworldly red mountains is a famed center of the New Age movement, with a multitude of energy vortexes, crystal shops, and healing centers.

Nearly everyone who has peered into the bright blue abyss that is the U. Where to Stay: Crater Lake Lodge. Spiritual seekers have long been drawn to this secluded town nestled in a valley below the Topa Topa mountains. Where to Stay: Ojai Rancho Inn. Joshua Tree, California. Mount Shasta, California. The Big Island, Hawaii. Sedona, Arizona.

Crater Lake, Oregon. Ojai, California.In Sedona, the plural of vortex is usually vortexes not vortices. So what is a vortex, anyway?

Well, you see them in everyday life.

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The turbulent flow of water makes vortices. If you have ever seen a whirlpool in a river or watched water going down the drain in the bathtub and have witnessed the tornado-like glassiness of spinning water, you have seen a vortex. If you have ever witnessed a dust devil kick up in the desert, you have seen a vortex. In Sedona, some believe the vortexes are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy.

The vortexes of Sedona are named because they are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing. Vortex sites are believed to be locations having energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions. Over millions of years, layers of sandstone and limestone were left in the Sedona area by a receding ocean. Iron oxide eventually covered the grains of sandstone and, in a natural process, rust formed.

The stunningly beautiful red rocks of Sedona are the result of this process. It is within the beauty of the red rocks that the mysteries of the Sedona energy vortexes unfolds. Human history in the Sedona area began about BC when hunter-gatherers roamed and settled in the Verde Valley and Prescott areas.

Between and AD, a more advanced civilization began building pueblos and cliff houses. Known as the Sinagua without water they developed skill in dry farming, had an understanding of astronomy, and made baskets, pottery, and jewelry.

Vortex Destinations - High Vibe - Chakra Points on Earth - Sandra Rolus

They established trade routes with the peoples of the Pacific coast, Mexico, and Central America. Cliff dwellings are still evident today. As you hike the red rocks, you will see petroglyphs and pictographs left behind by these ancient peoples. The awe-inspiring vistas, along with the magnificent views of the sky, have drawn out the spiritual nature of people from the very beginning.

Many journeyed to Sedona during the time of the highly anticipated "Harmonic Convergence. A great many believed him, including prominent leaders of the New Age movement like Shirley MacLaine and also millions of the curious and the intrigued.

Energy Vortex Map – Sedona’s Energy Vortexes

What was the nature of this convergence? Well, according to Arguelles, at this time the Earth would start slipping out of its "time beam" and risk spinning off into space—only by the concerted, psychic efforts of the human race would it remain in place.

This time would see a great increase in the experience of deja vu and UFO sightings. However, if enough people would simply gather at sacred places around the globe and concentrate enough, the New Age would begin, the Earth would remain safe, and a new era of harmony and love would be inaugurated—or so they believed.Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers that are located at specific sites throughout Sedona, Arizona.

energy vortex map

Vortexes are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines. The three most common types of vortexes are magnetic, electrical and balanced vortexes. See our complete offerings of Sedona tours of the vortexes. Twisted trees indicate the presence of vortex energy. Electrical vortexes tend to be very energizing and are really great for getting the energy moving. Balanced vortexes are simply a mix of electrical and magnetic energy, both yin and yang.

For example, Airport Mesa is one of the best known balanced Sedona spiritual vortexes. Go to Airport or any balanced vortex to see things from a larger perspective and to gain clarity and a higher vision for your life.

Each of these vortexes are well- documented and publicized. There are many Sedona spiritual vortexes than just these four. Some of the clues you notice when coming upon a vortex unexpectedly include subtle energy vibrations such as tingling in the hands or buzzing throughout your body, heating up or feeling a rush of energy or a shift in consciousness or perception.

The energy field of Sedona spiritual vortexes encompasses a circumference of about 22 miles. Sedona is enfolded in spiritual vortex energy and many people experience a lift just by coming into town. The great concentration of energy, however, can usually be felt right at the vortex sites. That means that everything you are feeling will be magnified. If you are happy while you are in Sedona, you may become euphoric or blissful. Vortex energy makes living here a constant learning and growth experience.

And we consider ourselves to be here at her bidding, her will and her invitation.

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Internet Special. Book Now. I felt the true spirit of Sedona. The whispering trees, the blowing winds, the tingling energies. If you only get a chance to do one tour during your stay, make sure it's with these guys. Sound Healing. Using a multitude of instruments from various traditions, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, bells, horns, conches, flutes and more, your guide will create a sound bath.

The sound bath cleanse will clear past patterns and old stuck beliefs and addictions. It will cleanse and clear the aura and chakras. Rebalance and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. Email Us Here.Article - 14 Spiritual Travel Destinations in the United States - learn more about these sacred sites, find thin veil locations, and information about vortexes. Looking for places to go that will expand your horizon, while invoking awe and inspiration?

Somewhere new to go? A fresh perspective? Located in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY. Omega Institute is like a spiritual summer camp for adults.

Energy Vortexes: What Are They, Where Are They, and Why Are They Spiritual?

The local town has some really fantastic eateries and coffee shops, including Rhinebeck Bagelsa must-see. A very spiritual place with legends and vortices galore. For a while there, I wrote blogs from a cabin that overlooked the peak of Mount Shasta.

energy vortex map

It's just as powerful and magical as everyone including NPR has said. I suggest visiting during the wet season in the late spring-early summer. Take a sound healing bath at the most acoustically sound building in the world. Located in North Carolina, this mountain wilderness contains some of the oldest growth forests read: never been logged in the world.

Vortexes in the United States

Virgin forests, like raw, natural crystals, have incredible healing and centering energy. Cassadaga is home to more psychic mediums per capita than any other city in the United States. A place where the veil is thin and the spirit energy strong, Cassadaga is a mecca. The landscape has been a background to countless Western Movies, as this site draws feelings of awe and inspiration in all peoples.

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Also, it's an energy vortex. Some of the best locations in the valley are only accessible when accompanied by a traditional Navajo Guide.

In19 women and 1 man were tried and hung for witchcraft, trials that were later declared unlawful the magistrate. Witchcraft is now widely celebrated in the city. The nearby village of Danvers was home to the scene of the outbreak.Figure Is the earth a gigantic crystal that resonates at 7 Hz with harmonic focal points at specific equidistant points? If the Earth is mapped out as a icosahedron or dodecahedron Grid, these are all equidistant geometric points Vortices of intersecting Ley lines.

Note that the Vortices appear to originate from deep beneath the Earth's Crustso they may be focused by underground water or mineral deposits to vary slightly from the exact dead center, sometimes with multiple surface areas of manifestation. The highest energy areas seem to center near the There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 25 North that may be doors to other dimensions, often called "Vile Vortices" Vile may be too strong a term :. Algerian Megalithic Ruins South of Timbuktu.

Hamakulia, S. Hawaii heaviest volcanic activity - actually, the focal point is in the ocean, more to the SE of Hawaii. It is in the Ocean, where some ships and planes have disappeared in the past. There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico Egypt - Pyramids focus Energy.

Himalayas, N. Home of the Panda and ancient irrigation systems and Midway Island. Further North, near 50 to 55 North, are some well known Vortices:. Megalithic structures at Sarawak Borneo.

Nan Madol Pohnpei Island, Micronesia. Incan Culture in South America. Easter Island - Megalithic Statues, many of evil Cthulhu - culture degraded to cannibalism, then enslaved.Recently, I found myself standing on the edge of a cliff wearing all white on the small island of Ibiza, Spain mesmerized by the view in front of me of Es Vedra, the impressive rock formation jutting out of the water.

I found myself pulled to this spot and not understanding why. This rock is the reason I am here, the backdrop to a wedding I am photographing, and the reason the bride and groom chose this place full of magic and mystery. The truth is that this rock has a powerful magnetic field second only to the Bermuda Triangle. Hold a compass up anywhere near it and the needle with go crazy. No one knows why this is, but it is the reason Es Vedra is an energy center to which is attributed many myths and legends.

Legend has it that it is the tip to the lost sunken city of Atlantis. The Ancient Feniciers are said to have gathered stones from Atlantis to build their fortification of Ibiza city, or perhaps according to one local legend the stones were used as material for the Pyramids in Egypt. Atlantis has attracted artists and mystics throughout the years due to its magnetic pull. The natural beauty of the island with its stunning small beaches and magnificent sunsets combined with this high vibration attracts millions of tourists, partiers, hundreds of artists, writers, and masters in dance, yoga, shamanism, and all manner of healing a consciousness studies.

Whether you realize it or not, when you arrive in Ibiza you are usually there for some sort of energy release and the island can be a place of inspiration, blissful activity and stunning synchronicity. At the wedding there was a local tarot card reader who started explaining to me that Es Vedra is one of the many energy vortexes on the planet. I know, to some this may sound hokey, but there is a lot of scientific proof to these vortexes of magnetic energy across our planet.

But what I found to be odd was as I researched where these other locations were, I found that I have been to many of them without ever realizing it.

Structures like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt and Mayan, Aztec, and Incan monuments along with many temples, churches and pilgrimage sites are found in all of these powerful energetic spots. In fact, vortex literally means swirling spiral energy. I was first introduced to this idea of a vortex while in Peru trying to find the infamous Nasca lines that were drawn in the desert.

I met a shaman who sat with me for a while. I went to shake his hand and he told me that we westerners had lost the ability to connect with other people. I put my phone down, and he took my other hand.

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